VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It is an event driven programming language. … Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), is used as a macro or scripting language. Nowadays almost 100% companies using this application for Report Automation and others analytics automation.

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Programming Basics
 Public and Private Subroutines, Object, Methods, and Properties
 Object Hierarchy & Collection ,Creating a Folder/Subfolder
 Opening, Saving, Closing New Workbook, Opening a saved Workbook
 Selecting/Activating/Renaming/Adding Sheets
 Range, Cells, Columns & Row Properties, Writing a Simple Code in VBA Variables and Data Types

VBA Data Types, Variables and Constants
Numeric and String Types, String and Date Functions, Working with Arrays
User Defined Variables

Decisions and Looping
If and Then Statements, Select Case Statement
Looping – Do Loop, For Next Loop, For Each Loop, While Wend Loop, Do Until Loop
Some Useful Formula Using Loop Dialog Boxes and User Form
Massage Box, Input Box, Using Loop in Input Box

Selecting User defined range in the Input box
Creating a User Form, Label, TextBox, Combo Box, List Box, Check Box
Option Button, Spin Button, Command Button, Frame

Using Excel Application and Function
Sorting and Filtering Data Using VBA, Creating Pivot Table Using VBA
Text to Column, Remove Duplicate, Formatting, Protecting/Unprotecting a Sheet Using VBA
Using Excel Formulas like V-lookup, H-lookup and other functions in VBA
Import Text/CSV files using VBA

Automate Outlook Emails & PPT Presentation
Connecting with Microsoft Outlook, Creating Outlook New Session
Early Binding and Late Binding, Formatting HTML and Plain/Rich Text Body
To, CC, BCC, Subject, Body Text & Signature, Attach a file in Email using VBA
A Simple Programme of Email, Automate Multiple Mails

Dynamic Dashboard & Automation Creation in the File  by Using Excel and VBA